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High temperature Inconel 718 plus hardened nickel-base alloy

起源の場所 中国
ブランド名 XUNSHI
証明 ISO9001:2015
モデル番号 Inconel 718のプラス
最小注文数量 200kg
価格 Negotiable
パッケージの詳細 合板の箱
受渡し時間 45-60日
支払条件 T/T
供給の能力 1ヶ月あたりの5000Kg


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モデル Inconel 718Plus 等しい名前 ATI 718Plus、Allvac 718Plus
Spec AMS 5441、AMS 5442 Avialableの形態 インゴット、鋼片、ブロック、造られた丸棒、つや出しの形および長方形、棒、棒、ワイヤー、版、シート、ストリップおよび鋳造。
密度 8.25g/cm

High temperature Inconel 718 plus hardened nickel-base alloy for Copper-extruded mold 


Inconel 718 Plus (UNSN 07818) is a new hardened nickel-base alloy, this alloy is designed to have excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, good heat processing and welding properties, and appropriate cost below 700°C . The launch of the 718plus alloy effectively fills the long-standing gap between the two most widely used High-temperature alloys Inconel 718 (650 °C) and Waspaloy (750 °C).


The Inconel 718 Plus was based on Inconel 718 to reduce the iron content by 18% to 10%, adding 9% cobalt and 1% tungsten, adjusting Al + Ti and Al/Ti, and appropriately increasing the niobium content, 718 Plus alloy overcomes the Insufficient requirements of the two alloy 718 and Waspaloy (GH4738),so that could be used and 700°C


718,718Plus,Waspaloy Chemical Composition comparison

element C Ni Cr Mo W Co Fe Nb Ti Al P B
718 0.025 Remain 18.10 2.80 - - 18.00 5.40 1.00 0.45 0.007 0.004
718 Plus 0.020 Remain 18.00 2.75 1.00 9.00 10.00 5.45 0.70 1.45 0.010 0.004
Waspaloy 0.035 Remain 19.40 4.25 - 13.25 - - 3.00 1.30 0.006 0.006



These products have been typically used for parts requiring high resistance to creep and stress rupture up to 1400°F(760°C) and oxidation resistance up to 1800°F(982°C), but usage is not limited to such applications.


At present, the alloy The 718 Plus has been promoted and applied in several well-known aviation-engine companies, for plates, gates, fasteners, blades and so on.

The 718 Plus is also a commonly used material for copper extrusion mold.


Available forms

718Plus alloy is available in all product forms: ingot, billet, block, forged round bar, hot-rolled shapes and rectangles, bar, rod, wire, plate, sheet, strip, and castings.


High temperature Inconel 718 plus hardened nickel-base alloy 0